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Class Descriptions
Soul Sweat
Soul Sweat Teacher Training
Soul Sweat Asana practice is a dynamic vinyasa flow which maximally challenges the body and mind while maintaining a sense of ease, joy, fun and freedom in the body. The emphasis is on efficiency, freedom and ease of movement. Our goal is to help students learn to love living in their bodies. All levels welcome. 75 minute class.

Click here for a slide show of a Soul Sweat class

YHC Open Flow
hands pressed onto the mat
Open Flow is a dynamic Vinyasa flow designed to strengthen, stretch, and smooth out your body and mind. Come with a good sense of humor and be prepared to do more then you ever thought you could! All levels welcome. 75 minute class.
Bikram Beginners
Wendy - Standing Bow - (c) Artwork by Joanie Rosen
A series of 26 poses. This class is appropriate for all level students as it is designed to give a great work out whether it is your first class or you have been practicing for years. Please bring a towel, water, and dress very lightly (shorts). 90 minute class. "Be prepared to sweat and lose your pudge" Mary Jarvis.
Beginners Basic
Closing - (c) by Sumayyah Simone Photography  - Co
Suitable for beginners or anyone looking to master the fundamentals. 60 minute class.
Ashtanga Style
Opening Chant - (c) by Sumayyah Simone Photography
A vigorous vinyasa (continuous flow) yoga class based on the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga. Expect a great arm workout. All levels are welcome. 75 minute class.
Meditation (30 minutes)- Silent meditation open to everyone. An opportunity to silence your mind and allow yourself to tap into your true potential, your true self. There is no charge for this class.
Primordial Sound Meditation
We are excited to announce the addition of formalized meditation training with Donna Visco.

Deepak Chopra's Primordial Sound Meditation is a technology that benefits body, mind, and soul. Through inner exploration, meditation awakens creativity, healing, and transformation. We spend most of our lives looking outward to the world of form and phenomena, believing that the source of happiness, peace, and fulfillment lies external to ourselves. During meditation, we expand our internal reference point from local to non-local, from constricted to expanded awareness, from a skin-encapsulated ego to a field of ever-present witnessing awareness. Meditation allows us to explore our essential nature, restoring the memory of wholeness in our lives.

You'll be given your own personalized mantra.

For details call Donna at 908 688 7974

Hot Yoga
Sequence of postures designed to strengthen the body and mind. HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE For beginners, we ask that you come 20 minutes early to sign in and meet with the instructor.